American Maritime: Dedicated to Puerto Rico’s Recovery

After the devastation caused by hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Maritime Industry is fully supporting the recovery and relief efforts underway on the island.


Presented here is a live collection of articles, stories and videos covering the response of the U.S. Maritime Industry in Puerto Rico.

Relief and recovery in Puerto Rico would be bleak without the Jones Act


“Waiving the Jones Act during recovery risks disrupting an indispensable lifeline to the island at the worst possible time. A lifetime resident of San Juan, I know firsthand the suffering of my fellow Puerto Ricans. And right now, we need fast, reliable support that can get us back on our feet.” Read more from Eduardo Pagan, vice president and general manager of Caribbean services for TOTE Maritime.

Federal Maritime Commission Doyle recounts the integral role the Jones Act fleet has played in times in national emergency for the United States, and how it’s commitment to Hurricane Relief was no different. Read more. 


Jaxport serves as hub for distribution of recovery aid

“The port of Jaxport, Florida is the main point of departure for Jones Act cargoes from the U.S. mainland to Puerto Rico, and it is a key hub for the Hurricane Maria relief effort… As of Thursday, TOTE has delivered more than 5,200 containers of goods to the island since the storm and will deliver an additional 2000 containers in the coming week. As of Monday, Crowley has handled 6,500 loads of cargo and 20 vessels, about one per day.” Read more.


Impaired Local Distribution Network Hampers Delivery of Aid within Puerto Rico

“Nearly three weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated this U.S. territory in the Caribbean, individuals and charities on the U.S. mainland trying to send supplies to the island are facing a series of bottlenecks that are keeping help from reaching those most in need…. Because of tangled power lines across roads, washed out bridges and highways and knocked out cellphone towers and radio antennas across the island, materials are leaving the Crowley terminal gate at 70% the normal rate before the storm, Ayala said.” Read more.


US Maritime Industry Works Around the Clock to Deliver Aid

In the days following Maria, Crowley worked to reestablish the flow of cargo into Hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico. Crowley loads Barge, La Princesa, with relief goods from FEMA to deliver much needed relief to Puerto Rico. Five more barges will be working over the next five days to deliver relief goods.

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We are dedicated to Puerto Rico by providing reliable, on time transportation services of essential goods between the U.S. Mainland and Puerto Rico. U.S- Puerto Rican maritime supports thousands of family-wage jobs and plays a key role in homeland security.