Jones Act Carriers Were Integral to Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s Infrastructure

Immediately after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, domestic Jones Act ships delivered for Puerto Rico.

Electric Grid Restoration: Jones Act carriers delivered specialized cargo such as utility trucks, tanker trucks, large generators, and communication equipment essential for restoring power and rebuilding the island. One carrier provided complete supply chain management services to help restore power on the island of Vieques, a few miles off the coast of the main island of Puerto Rico.

Atypical cargoes: Jones Act carriers were able to deliver atypical cargoes due to their ability to rapidly deploy specialized vessels. This cargo included infrastructure materials essential for rebuilding and repairing damaged bridges, roads, and the electrical grid.

Logistics Support: Additionally, they provided significant aid to the logistics effort on the island – helping with supply chain management, long-distance and local trucking, housing and meals for first responders and warehousing services.


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