Jones Act Carriers Rose to Meet the Needs of Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria made landfall, Puerto Rico was in immediate need of supplies and materials. To ensure the needs of the island were met, Jones Act carriers added nine vessels to the regular trade. This brought the total number of vessels serving Puerto Rico to 25. Jones Act carriers acquired additional 53-foot containers, increasing capacity by 40% compared to standard containers, and added chassis to support increased deliveries to the island.

Ensuring a steady flow of supplies into the port, U.S. carriers increased vessel hours, extended their terminal hours and operated their terminals seven days a week,

In just six months, Jones Act carriers delivered approximately 114,000 containers of government and commercial cargo.  This cargo included infrastructure materials essential for rebuilding and repairing damaged bridges, roads, and the electrical grid.

As the rebuilding process continues, regular, cost-effective deliveries from domestic Jones Act carriers will be crucial to the long-term recovery of the island.

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We are dedicated to Puerto Rico by providing reliable, on time transportation services of essential goods between the U.S. Mainland and Puerto Rico. U.S- Puerto Rican maritime supports thousands of family-wage jobs and plays a key role in homeland security.