Jones Act Carriers Are Integral to Puerto Rico’s Economic Recovery

The American maritime industry provides fast, reliable, direct service to Puerto Rico. Over the next two years, the domestic maritime industry will achieve two significant milestones in operational efficiency and environmental protection, while continuing to support family wage jobs in Puerto Rico.

Transit Times: Reducing transit times down to three days for the majority of shipments.

Environmental Protection: By the end of 2019, most vessels serving Puerto Rico from the U.S. mainland will be powered by liquified natural gas. American ships serving Puerto Rico are the cleanest in the world.

Job Creation: The American maritime industry is proud to support a thousand family-wage jobs in Puerto Rico, and thousands more off the island. This contributes an annual labor income of $32 million and overall economic contribution of $104 million.

Economic Development: Jones Act carriers provide a reliable and cost-effective northbound service for Puerto Rico manufacturers.  A large portion of Puerto Rican exports tend to be relatively high value cargo types, such as medical equipment, automotive products and pharmaceuticals.  The ability to affordably ship manufactured goods to the United States supports Puerto Rico’s economic development.

Jones Act Carriers Are Integral for Puerto Rico

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