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The maritime industry is dedicated to supporting the people of Puerto Rico by providing reliable, on-time service from the mainland of essential goods to the people of Puerto Rico. This is crucial for the island, which relies on consistent delivery of products, including perishables, to support their every day needs.

Faster Service

U.S. flagged carriers offer Puerto Rican customers transit times of as few as three days, unlike international carriers which could take weeks to arrive at their final destination which would severely affect the business of local exporters who are used to the fast and reliable service the U.S.-Puerto Rican maritime industry provides.


Dedicated Transportation System

The specialized dedicated transportation carriers serving the Puerto Rican trade have tightly integrated the island with the U.S. inland transportation systems, allowing shipping and freight handling companies to move significantly higher volumes at little cost.


Fresh Product Delivery

Many imported goods to Puerto Rico are perishables so on time delivery is critical to prevent expiration on goods such as milk, vegetables, fruit, and meat. With direct, non-stop service, U.S. carriers get perishables to Puerto Rico faster than foreign carriers who typically serve multiple ports, creating longer transits.

About Us

We are dedicated to Puerto Rico by providing reliable, on time transportation services of essential goods between the U.S. Mainland and Puerto Rico. U.S- Puerto Rican maritime supports thousands of family-wage jobs and plays a key role in homeland security.